Away from home

Tomorrow, Jeff and I leave to visit Greenwood, SC to take another look at the residency program there. On Sunday morning (really, really early) I fly out to Harlingen, TX to do a two-week rotation to work with some more hispanic patients, hopefully enough for me to be able to sharpen my rapidly rusting spanish skills. In case you haven't heard of Harlingen, go here and see exactly how FAR it is from everything. It is very, very far from here. And also far from many friends and family in Dallas, sadly. Thankfully, I'll only be gone for two weeks, and then Jeff and I are going to Indiana to take another look at a program up there. (I've been traveling a LOT these days, it seems.)

I won't have a car in Texas, but the secretary I spoke with assured me that the residents could give me rides to and from work, and make sure I could get some groceries. (As if their lives aren't busy enough, without having to cart me around.) Hopefully there are places I can walk to from the apartment they have arranged for me to stay in.

Right after I get back from all my travels, we'll have to turn in the big rank list. We have lots of big decisions to make!

I'm not taking a computer with me, so I'm not sure what chances I'll have to post in the next few weeks, but hopefully my better half can keep our two readers supplied with some good stories.

And just because I can, here are a few more exceedingly cute pictures:


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