So here is what I'm learning:

1. There is apparently a huge group of people who live up North, but come every winter to this part of Texas and live in RV parks. They are called "Winter Texans." So they see the doctors down here during the winter, and then go home and see their other doctor during the summer. I guess I figured that only happend in Florida.

2. Texas = better Mexican food. I figured it would be better, but WOW. It is REALLY good.

3. I am no good at witnessing. We went to a health outreach today, and the doctors here are so great at sharing their faith with their patients. I am bad. I'm so uncomfortable and I do not know what to say. Jesus saved me many years ago, and yet I find myself silent when looking into a hurting face and knowing how to share with people. And let me tell you, it doesn't get any easier when you try to do it in another language. I've always loved mission work, and going on missions trips, but how can I expect that I'm going to easily share with people in another culture when I rarely talk about Jesus with my closest friends who aren't Christian? I've always wanted to be a good Christian doctor, but really I need to pray and reach out more to those around me right now. Becoming a doctor, I realize, will not suddenly transform me into a totally different person than the one I am now.

4. Moving to a city where you don't know ANYONE and don't have a car is HARD. I didn't know how hard it would be.


Ken Shomo said…

Great thoughts.


PS: Don't "move" to Texas without Jeff, he won't do too well on his own.
Rebecca said…
Number 3 is so profound. You can get better, though. I know I need to.

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