Things I'm learning while Aubrey's away.

Aubrey's not the only one learning a few lessons while she's in Texas. Here's a few I've been learning.

1. Aubrey was a good cook when we got married, and she's gotten a lot better since, meanwhile, my cooking skills have deteriorated. Tuesday I messed up a freezer pizza. I forgot to take the pizza off of the cardboard before putting it in the oven. It was not the end of the world, but the crust was soggier than I prefer.

2. My life is more disorganized when Aubrey is gone. Somehow Aubrey's presence has an organizing effect on me. When she's gone I never know quite what I should be doing.

3. When I have unscheduled blocks of time, I tend to be quite ambitious about what I might get done, but quite unproductive in what I actually get done. Sometimes a deadline really hits the spot.

4. I remember liking MacGyver a lot when I was in high school, but now that I'm watching it on DVD, I'm kinda disappointed. He's not as cool as I remember. But then again, I think some of my memories blend MacGyver together with Knight Rider. KnightGyver, that would be awesome!

(this post posted by Jeff, even though it says Aubrey at the bottom)


Ken Shomo said…
I would like to hear Jeff's old roommates weigh in on the phrase "my cooking skills have deteriorated." Apparently the comparision is with his bachelor days when he used to be a talented chef.
Emilie said…
ok - we need to get something straight. . . MacGyver is EVERY bit as cool now as he was in high school.

These days though he likes guns and is fighting aliens. I suggest renting Stargate. Or you can come downstairs and borrow Season 1 from us. :-)
Anonymous said…
Yeah, KnightGyver would rock!!!
Anonymous said…

I'm not sure why my former roommates are being so slow to chime in here in my defense. But yes, I was quite the culinary whiz. Apparently I never made you one of my fettucini alfredo sandwiches.

Ken Shomo said…
I remember hearing about that. Didn't the recipe go something like this:

1. Open box of fettuccini
2. Place on bread (Mayo optional)
3. Eat

Yes, yes, I remember that one now.

Anonymous said…
Having been one of Jeff’s roommates in seminary I feel the obligation to tell the world of his culinary expertise. Now it has been some time since then so you will have to excuse any error I may make in memory. What I seem to recall however where many nights around dinner time when Jeff would come back to our apartment with a deer, coyote, bear or some other woolly mammal strapped across the top of his back. After having shot, wrestled, or debated to death said animal and brining it back to the apartment, he set up some pulley devices from our ceiling in the manner of Jack Bauer, and then he proceeded to skin it etc, and finally got the stove warming. The rest is history. I think this is how I remember it or maybe not.

Ken Shomo said…
Finally an explanation. I always wondered why Justin always had to ask you to clean up around there.
Anonymous said…
Jeff did lots of stuff with beds of rice and pasta and chicken breast and and ranch dressing and powdered Gatorade. I'd say he was an OK bachelor cook (i.e. decent calorie levels and a modicum of variation), but I can't be sure because he never mastered the "1/2 pound of ground beef" recipe that constituted the apex of bachelor cooking glory of the apartment.

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