Day Nine

Day: 9
Miles: 2,723
Books Aubrey has read: 7
Location: Iowa City, IA, Andrew and Melanie's house.

Today took us from Mom and Dad's house in Colorado to the rolling hills of Iowa. It was a long day in the car. The big question on the table all day was the perennial debate: Which state is worse to drive through, Kansas or Nebraska? We wanted to make a contribution to the state of the question, so we scheduled our trip to take us West through Kansas on I-70, and then back East through Nebraska on I-80. We must start by admitting that both states were pretty boring, but still there are many issues to consider. On the one hand, Nebraska is slightly longer than Kansas, which would tend to make it worse. And believe it or not, Nebraska is flatter than Kansas, is this a pro or a con? Both states take good care of their roads, and construction was minimal on both interstates. The Sunflower State has Kansas City and Topeka, the Cornhusker State has Lincoln and Omaha, so I think it's a toss-up on the city factor. Kansas has the birthplace of an astronaut, Nebraska has the birthplace of John Wayne. Kansas has the world's largest prarie dog, and a chance to pet the baby pigs, Nebraska? No baby pigs.

In the end we tip our hat to Nebraska as the nicer state to drive through. It's greener, flatter (easier driving), more trees, lots of little lakes, and fewer ugly billboards. Dear readers, (both of you) we invite your opinions, which state would you rather drive through, Kansas or Nebraska?


Anonymous said…
Bro and Aubrey:

I am in class at the moment, the last PSU class for me. My students are currently looking miserable as they wade through their final exams.

I have completed all my other grading, and am bored to tears as they write their tests. I wish they would just call it day and leave some answers blank. Blank tests are very easy to grade!

So. Looking for some relief from this impenetrable boredom, I decided to log on to your blog for some much needed comic relief.

A regular reader of said blog, I have grown accustomed to witty accounts, stories without morals, and a meticulous cataloguing of Aubrey's latest literary exploits. Whatever I find on Pilgrim, I am never dissapointed. Always a rhetorical jewel to rescue me from my work-a-day life.

Until today.

I came in my hour of deepest need, and found re-runs.

No news of Andrew & Melanie, of endless cornfields, of babies-to-be, of IA.

I have heard that IA is like heaven. There is a baseball field their in the middle of cornfields. But this is all hearsay--i have no confirmation by Pilgrim.

Are you out there Pilgrim? Can you hear me? Is Ashley Ave. defunct? Is there a ghost in the wires?
Aubrey said…
I'm guessing you have some experience driving through both Kansas and Nebraska, so what do you think about which one is worse?
Ken Shomo said…
So THAT's who the other reader is...
Connie - CO said…
Well, I must say that I agree with your analysis and am glad to say I didn't influence it. For me it's the green and trees that tip the scale.


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