Road Trippin'

Tomorrow we leave on our road trip! That means, today we pack! (Not quite as much fun.) But I have loaded our car up with lots of drinks, snacks, and cookies. :) So we definitely won't starve while on the road. Even if we got stranded and ran out of gas. We could survive for days on cookies alone. On our agenda: Atlanta, St. Louis, Colorado Springs, Iowa, Chicago for a Cubs game, State College, PA (our new nephew is there) and then back home. Does anyone have any favorite car games for Jeff and I to play?


Megan said…
When will you be in St. Louis? How about Colorado Springs?
Aubrey said…
We'll be in St. Louis on Saturday. We hopefully will get there early enough in the afternoon to visit the covenant seminary bookstore before we go to the baseball game. I'd really love to go to the zoo for a spell, but I think that will be pushing it. We leave sunday morning for colorado springs and then we'll be there all week.
Megan said…
I'll be at the Glen all week. It'd be fun to meet you while you are in town... :)

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