Day Three

Day: Three
Trip Odometer: 1,740
Number of books Aubrey has read: 3
Location: Colorado Springs, Mom and Dad's house.

Today was the longest day of driving yet, about 13 hours, most of which were in Kansas. In Kansas we passed through Manhattan "The Little Apple", Hays "All American City 1996", and Russell, the birth place of an astronaut. We passed up the opportunity to pet the baby pigs, and see the world's largest prarie dog. Since we were skipping church we started the day with a Tim Keller sermon, and listened to another one in the afternoon. Today was also the best public radio day yet, we heard a good This American Life, and almost all of A Prarie Home Companion, which is impressive to get one radio station that long when you're driving. As we came into Colorado we listened to The Thistle and Shamrock. The best part, of course, was getting here. We'll be staying here for the week, doing some hiking, and generally enjoying ourselves.


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