Day Two

Day: Two
Trip Odometer: 920
Location: St. Louis, Sara "Fiesty Fireball" Allen's house.

Day two took us from Atlanta to St. Loius. We slept through our alarms this morning, so we weren't on the road quite as early as hoped, but we were still driving by 7:15. We passed through Chattenooga, Nashville, Paducah, and crossed several big rivers. Today we listened to a bit of Car Talk with Click and Clack, more Psalms lectures from Phil Long, and some good St. Louis radio. St. Louis has such good radio stations. After meeting up with Sara we tried to get tickets to a Cardinals game, but to no avail. Only high dollar tickets were left, and even the scalpers we talked to we selling pretty pricey tickets. So we walked around the new Busch stadium, and sadly left without seeing the inside. We got food for a picnic and watched Shakespeare in the Park instead, which was somewhat cool in its own way, although a lot different from watching a baseball game.


Aubrey said…
Don't forget we also went to Ted Drew's for custard. Yum.

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