Day Seven

Our week in Colorado is going altogether too fast. Just one more day tomorrow, then on Saturday we'll head to Iowa. The air here is as dry and thin as I remembered, more so perhaps. But the mountains are just as beautiful, and I would love to spend the whole summer here exploring them. We got a tantalizing taste on Tuesday when we camped up in Rocky Mountain National Park. Today we were going to hike up to the punch bowls, but were thwarted by a late start and an early hail storm. We're gonna try again tomorrow, with a little earlier start.

Also we have had fun seeing friends. We got to see friend Stephanie on Monday, who is spending her summer in Paonia, and tiny little town on the western slope. She seemed to be doing quite well. We have seen Connie, who we will also see tomorrow night for dinner. (At our house, so no meatballs.) And today at the Glen we hung out with Megan Dunham, who Aubrey had never met before in person, although we read her blog a lot, and she has read ours as well, so it was a cyber-friendship come to life.

We have also enjoyed using the hot tub on cool Colorado evenings such as this. Speaking of which, I'm going there now...


Anonymous said…
The "snowcapped rockies of Colorado" are ok. But just wait till you see the "heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania."

Free at last. dt

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