Day 14

Day: 14
Trip Odometer: 3,824
Books Aubrey has read: 327 (estimate)
Location: State College, PA, Jackson's house.

We have made it to the final stop along our journey. We got into State College last night around 7:30, just in time for dinner. Jackson was already in bed so we didn't get officially introduced until this morning. He's very cute. Hannah had a doctor's appointment this morning so Aubrey and I are babysitting. Jack is snoozing so we're mostly just sitting.

Tuesday was a great day in Chicago. We only got to see downtown by quick driving tour, but the highlight was our trip to Wrigley Field. We got to the stadium about 3 hours early. So we found a parking spot and still had 20 minutes before the game started. Well not quite, but close. The cheapest parking we could find said $15, but $15 only got you a spot were you would get blocked in by the next car. One of the spots you could pull out of cost $20. What a racket. We ponied up and walked around Clark & Addison for a while. Took some photo's and went in to watch some batting practice. The game was great, we had good seats up the 3rd base line, and there was good action. Zambrano pitched a solid 8 innings and hit a 2 run HR. The Cubs took the lead into the 9th inning, but were in Classic form, and completely and utterly fell apart in the ninth. They committed 2 errors and gave up 4 runs in the 9th to preclude any chance of winning. Oh well. Aubrey and I have seen the Cubs in person 3 times, with 3 losses. Maybe its us. Which wouldn't explain the other 1,304,895 losses.


Megan said…
Wow, 327. I'd like a list, please.

mom said…
I'm jealous ... you got to baby sit!!! Give Jackson some extra hugs for me!!!

By the way, Lisa Lorimor Leatherman, gave birth to Kathy's first grandson on Wednesday. She left for Demoines about 3 that afternoon. Good thing you saw the Cubs on Tues. He was 2 weeks early.

Stephen Larry Leatherman had already arrived and weighed 8lbs8oz.

Thanks for my laughts of the day.

Oh by the way, I drove past the Elephant Bar about 1pm today and thought about 1 week ago! love,mom

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