flower photo

I finally got our computer working, if only briefly, so I thought I'd load a photo from our recent trip to Atlanta and the Botanical Gardens there. They were having an orchid display. And you all can be praying for Jeff and I. Tomorrow, I leave to go to my rural rotation in Seneca. I'm excited, but not at all looking forward to 8 weeks of living apart from Jeff. (We will see each other on weekends.) Hopefully I can post more later!!


Ken Shomo said…
Jeff without Aubrey? No, those who knew Jeff pre-Aubrey know that's not a good idea. I think you'll need to stay home. Or, perhaps he can come with you?

Aubrey said…
I wish. His silly work won't let him get 8 weeks of vacation. I mean, come on! But he will be here on weekends when I can't go down there, so it will be doable. Just not enjoyable.

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