I could be a spy.

I went over to the church office on my lunch break two days ago. I needed to get a box of sunday school curriculum out of the church van. But alas, no one was home at the office. I had no way to get into the van. It was locked. And the key was sitting in the drawer in the church secretary's desk in her office.

This was bad news, but I was not about to be stopped. I was on a very tight schedule, and I needed to get the curriculum. It was now or never. I had to think fast. I went around to the back door, and Behold! it was unlocked. I was in the office. But that was the easy part. I still had to get into the secretaries office, and its door was locked. For some reason, I, the intern, still don't have any church keys. And a quick survey of the lock proved that it would not be easily picked. I dug around in my wallet and pulled out my Safeway club card. I slid it into the crack between the door and the jam. Wiggle... wiggle... Click!! I did it! I was in the office. I slithered over to the desk put the keys in my pocket and was gone. Well, I wasn't quite gone, I stuck around for awhile to bask in my victory. I tried to blog about it from in the office, a calling card of sorts. But the computer was broken. Oh well.

Never leave a trace.


Aubrey said…
I would like to see you slither.
mom said…
Am I proud of you .... I'm trying to decide! That is on the blog Jeff contributed. I'm definitely delighted for your two preaching opportunities.
Peter said…
Clever manuevering, 006. You are quite the resourceful keyless intern. Has your blog produced any response from your overseers?

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