Home, Sweet Home

It has been somewhat strange these past few days staying at my parents' house. It is so quiet. Way more quiet than it has ever been recently. I guess not having my younger brothers around tends to make it quieter. And i'm sleeping in the guest bedroom downstairs. So I do almost feel like a guest. But yesterday mom and I got to make some lowfat lemon cookies. With cranberries in them. Yum. And I went running in my neighborhood this morning, which was good, although having to run hills after running only on flat surfaces was an adjustment. And of course, I miss Jeff. It is strange sleeping in a bed by myself after so long of sleeping with him in the bed. Tomorrow he will be here!! Yay. I think we are going to eat barbecue on saturday with Kim. So it should be fun.

And here is the recipe (if you can call it that) for the lemon cookies. They are supposedly fairly low in calories and fat. (A friend who does weight watchers says they are 1 point.)

1 box lemon cakemix
2 eggs (or 3 eggwhites or other egg replacement if you want to cut down even more)
1/2 c. applesauce

Mix everything together. You might need to add a little more applesauce to make the batter moist enough. Spoon onto trays and cook for ~10min. at 350. This recipe will work with any flavor cake mix or any kind of add in you want, like raisins, heath bits, chocolate chips, etc.


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