Matt Damon and I

I feel like Matt Damon. I'm guessing that the similarities are all pretty obvious, but I'll explain anyway.

Tonight we went and had dinner with some friends at a local pub. Its on Sullivan's Isalnd. The pub is called Poe's in honor of Edgar Allen Poe, who lived for a time on Sullivan's Island. So while we were going to a pub, which is pretty low-brow, it was a literary pub, named after a famous author, and there were Raven's on the wall. Literature is quite high brow. So I feel like Will Hunting, from the movie Good Will Hunting. He was all smart and literary, and could do fancy equations, but he did not let his brains go his head, if you will. He was still one of the common folk, and he hung out a lot in bars, and he would get in bar fights over the finer details of American History, quoting Howard Zinn, while dismantling outdated economic theories. This is everything I want to be in life. To be smart, and well read, literarily astute, and to have reflected on the deeper things of life, but still to be able to associate with the common man. Not to live in an "ivory tower" but to hang out in pubs (cool literary ones) and to be accessible, despite my vast wealth of knowledge.

And this is how I feel tonight. Because I ate dinner at a pub named Poe's.


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