easter tree

One of my favorite Easter traditions growing up was the Easter tree we had every year. Mom would cut some dogwood branches and then hang our easter ornaments on the branches. I guess that tradition is more European, because Jeff hadn't ever heard of an Easter tree. So I suppose Mom and Dad must have started that when we were living in Germany. We had all these great wooden ornaments, in the shape of spring animals (i.e. rabbits, chicks, etc.) and decorated eggs. We also had other wooden easter decorations that mom would put out, including these large eggs she would fill with m&ms. Yum. Our house always felt festive around Easter. Since I have been living away from home, I have missed that tradition. So finally this year, I made an Easter tree! Jeff and I went down to the park near our house and cut off a few dogwood branches (while being slightly worried someone was going to bust us for vandalism or something). I put them in a vase, and hung my ornaments on the branches. Voila! An Easter Tree! Mom found some ornaments that I had bought on sale a few years ago, and then added some eggs that had been decorated by a cousin of mine. It was so exciting to feel like we had a festive, Easter-decorated house. Our tree is not quite as cool as the one I'm sure my mom has, but hopefully I'll be able to find some more exciting ornaments in the future. Or maybe I can make some. Any ideas?


Aubrey said…
Oh yeah...I would have posted a photo of our tree, but our computer is still having issues. Sorry, but maybe we can get one up later.
mom said…
I LOVE your idea. And I love decorating for the different holidays as well. My foot has greatly slowed my down however!! There is still some Valentine stuff out. My friend just changed out our Christmas wreath last week. There are a couple of Easter napkins resting under plants. They're easy to carry. Did you have Easter baskets as well? Love, mom
Aubrey said…
We did have easter baskets that mom would put out on easter morning. usually containing jelly beans and more m&ms. :)

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