Reasons to be Happy

1. I just got back from walking the dog in the rain. Anytime I walk/run in the rain/snow, it automatically puts me in a better mood. Yay for foul weather.

2. My repeat hormone level this week was WAY down, and all signs point to this whole thing being over very, very soon. I'm thankful we can finally start moving on. I have also continued to be amazed at how well this has gone physically. There are so many things that could have made this much, much worse.

3. I discharged eight patients from my list today and only admitted 3. Since I started the day with TWENTY patients, I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

4. I had delicious dinner tonight of spicy thai noodles and cabbage salad with peanut dressing. This was leftover from last night, which makes it even better because it was a delicious dinner that I didn't even have to cook.

5. I feel like a good wife because in addition to making the above mentioned dinner yesterday, I also made a double batch of bird's nest egg cups for Jeff to eat for his breakfast this week AND some lemon blueberry quinoa muffins that I can take to work and eat.

6. If you've been following me on pinterest, you have seen that my love for all things nutella runs deep. On Monday I was in a baking mood and made banana cupcakes with - you guessed it - nutella frosting. So. Dang. Delicious. I got to take these to have dinner earlier this week with some good friends, another fun activity.

7. A dear friend is getting married next weekend and I get to watch. I'm sure most of us have single friends who are so fantastic that we can't understand why they are single. I actually have several. But finally this dear one is getting married and I couldn't be more excited.

8. My dear, dear sweet boy is just getting sweeter. He is getting to such a fun playful age and loves to try to copy everything and repeat what I'm saying or doing. I LOVE it. For instance, he saw Jeff using air quotes recently and then spent the rest of that lunch trying to do air quotes himself. Hah! He loves to giggle and be tickled and is happy most of the time. He has been such an encouragement to me these last few weeks. We had a fun time tonight when I would build a little stack of blocks and he would knock it over with his airplane over and over. Good times. Then I blew a zerbert on his belly and he dissolved into a puddle of giggles. He gives the best hugs and loves to give kisses and I can't get enough of either.


Sarah said…
I love the air quotes, how CUTE!

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