I decided I was ready for a little less serious on this blog, so thought I'd post some reviews of things I've made recently from pinterest.

1. Bird nest necklace DIY - I thought the one I made for my mom turned out really great, even though I didn't do it exactly right. I will definitely be making one of these for myself sometime.

2. I loved the idea of a chocolate cobbler. I did not really love the actual cobbler. In my opinion, not as good as brownies and definitely not as nice as the chocolate souffle I made this week.

3. I could not get enough of these spicy thai noodles. I will add that her recipe calls for using 1 T. of pepper flakes in the oil, but I used a little less than that and still found it a little too spicy. I think next time I'll just use maybe 1.5 tsp. I also served it hot and sauteed some mushrooms to add to the noodles. This will definitely be going into our regular rotation.

4. Taquitos - I think this was not the recipe I glanced at since I didn't remember seeing anything about lime juice or cumin, but even without those things, these were delicious and completely consumed when I served them for the men's bible study we host on Sunday nights. But they were a snap to make using leftover chicken and super delicious. I can only imagine that with the added spices they would be even better.

Any one else find something on pinterest they loved this week?


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