Re-entering reality.

You know it's been a great vacation when you get home and realize you have no idea what's going on in the news, you didn't wear most of the clothes you packed because you spent most of your time dressed in a swim suit and cover-up, and you go to download your photographs and discover you apparently took over 500 photos.

We had such a wonderful time doing a lot of nothing that it is going to be hard this week trying to get anything done. Jeff's big accomplishment of the week was, according to him, improving his chaco tan.

I don't think I have a big accomplishment of the week because I did a lot of nothing. Which was perfect.

 It was also nice just spending time with all my siblings and seeing my sweet nephews play with Judah. My brother's family has been living in Iowa for the last five years and finally (finally!!) have moved back to South Carolina. (And live less than an hour away!) We have missed having them close but this vacation was a wonderful chance to catch up and get excited about having them close again.

It was definitely sad that the week ended so quickly, but I am already looking forward to planning another one next year.


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