So I'm not sure where the week went. I posted on Tuesday and then blip.... now it's Saturday and I haven't posted anything since.

I guess I do know where the week went - four days of working, one day of recovery, 5 pairs of baby shoes sewn (I have a rather fertile group of friends), and several loads of laundry folded.

Jeff successfully defended his Th.M. thesis this week - and passed with distinction. I am so proud of him. He has been working on this paper for months and months and now is completely finished. We went out to our local brick oven pizza place for the first time to celebrate. Then we went and got ice cream at Bruster's. Apparently they give a free mini ice cream cone to all kids under 40" tall. (With free sprinkles and candy eyes!)  Judah very quickly figured out what to do with it and ended up with an adorable chocolate ice cream goatee.

So goes our summer...


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