My new favorite thing to sew

Even though I still make lots of baby shoes, I have a new favorite baby gift. Obviously, this one only works for a girl, but it comes together super quick and with not very much fabric. I think this might be the cutest thing I've sewn in a long time. I also think that I really need a daughter to sew for one day.

Dress tutorial found here.
Diaper cover here.

Other fun tutorials I've used lately: (Sorry, I haven't taken a picture of them, but trust me when I say they turned out well)
Tote bag - This is a super easy project that ANYONE could do - actually it would be a fantastic project for someone new to sewing who might be afraid to try something. I also like it because although I normally line my bags, when you use a heavier weight fabric you really don't need to. An unlined bag comes together really fast, and even faster when you just buy the pre-made woven webbing to use for handles. As I have a bunch of decorator weight fabric lying around, I'm going to make another batch of these bag really soon.

Pillowcase bag - Another quick project to make from an old pillowcase. If you want a better explanation of martha's somewhat terse directions, check out this website that has included more pictures.


Sarah said…
That is the most adorable dress EVER!!
Emilie said…
I love making pillowcase dresses! They are so easy and so, so, so cute. I'm with you - I would love to have a little girl of my own to sew for. Currently my niece gets the bulk of girl clothes. She's almost the same size as Jacob so he sometimes has to fill in for fittings. Christopher won't let me post pictures of him in Scout's clothes (but he would have made a cute girl!) :)
Sue Tell said…
I love love love the small bag you made me for Christmas. It is the perfect fit to organize the miscellany inside my purse. If you looked in my purse, you would see my wallet and the bag you made.

Also agree on the CUTE dress!!!! I too hope you have some little girls of your own to sew for some day! :)
MJUnderwood said…
So glad you posted the tutorial for the dress. I'm thinking Maddie simply NEEDS another dress now. :)

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