The great iPhone dump.

Even though my iphone pictures are not quite as nice as the ones I take with my regular camera, I do love its portability. Often as we're out and about I'll just snap pictures of what we're doing, and maybe post them on facebook or text them to one of the grandmothers. I was realizing I had some fun ones that hadn't been posted here yet and so decided to get them all onto the blog in one fell swoop. So here is a quick visual summary of what we've been doing lately:

1. Judah loves ice cream. And especially ice cream cones.

2. My mom grows the most beautiful hydrangeas.

3. Judah looks really cute in the hooded towel I made him. And he's learning how much he loves the pool.

4. The eye doctor gave me some goggles to wear in my sleep. They made me look awesome.

5. A cool moth came to visit our garage.

6. And the video version:
Judah's favorite new toy? The broom. He could walk around holding it and pounding it for a long time. I might let him, too, but the long handle can be dangerous.


Elise said…
Do we have a hockey player here?

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