Random tidbits.

A few random thoughts:

1. I now have two sore arms. The first is from a seasonal flu shot I got two days ago. The second is from the H1N1 vaccine I just got today. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there gasping that I would get vaccines during pregnancy, and gasping even more that I got two shots within the same week, but I'm relieved that I'll hopefully be more protected from getting something from my patients.

2. I have never looked so forward to a friday coming than I did this week, since I've been working every day since last Monday. And we're going to be in Charleston this weekend!! Hooray!

3. I don't really feel like I look all that different as far as the pregnancy goes, but I must look more pregnant that I realize. I've had several patients ask me if I am pregnant, and the nurse I saw today in employee health basically just made a declarative statement that I was pregnant without me telling her. So hopefully I'm past the I-just-look-like-I've-been-eating-too-much-cake phase and on to the Oh-what-a-cute-belly phase.

4. I am in desperate need of some maternity/bigger clothes. (I guess this should have tipped me off about #3) I haven't had time to really shop, although I did get some clearance maternity capris for $4.48 at JC Penny. Part way in to my work day today I realized that the button-up shirt I'm wearing was gaping a little too much in a certain area, and so I got someone to give me a safety pin so I wouldn't feel indecent. (Hopefully the clothing situation will be remedied this weekend.)

5.Part of the reason why I went ahead and got the H1N1 vaccine today (even though our clinic hasn't actually starting really giving it to anyone yet) is that I was exposed to it by a patient. Of course, I've seen numerous patients and probably been exposed multiple times during this flu season to H1N1 influenza, and have yet to get the flu, but being pregnant makes me more paranoid than usual. Employee health had emailed me about it, and told me to come and see them about getting prophylaxis. When I went, they told me that they wouldn't give me tamiflu since I was pregnant. But I personally have written prescriptions for pregnant women for Tamiflu, since pregnant women are one of the highest risk groups for having flu complications. So instead of getting the medicine, I convinced our nurse manager to give me the vaccine, since you can also be vaccinated to prevent the flu after you've been exposed.

6. I think I might be feeling the baby move sometimes. Or maybe it's just gas.


Katie said…
If you can get there, try the Kohl's in Mt. Pleasant. They have a fairly decent maternity section. And lots of time, their stuff is on sale.
I felt both my girls at 14 weeks so I'm sure you are

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