Lucy's new agenda

Our dog Lucy is not allowed on the couch. This has been a firm rule in our house since we got her. But lately Lucy has been mounting a campaign to have this rule changed. Apparently, at some point Lucy learned that the couch is an awfully comfy place to sit, much more so than the hard wood floor. And so lately, there have been numerous incidents of Aubrey or I walking into the living room only to find Lucy lounging away.

On the one hand, I admire her perseverance and tenacity. She's no dummy. When we first got her a little over two years ago, it was also a firm rule that while she was allowed in the house during the day, she slept in the garage. However, she immediately mounted a Sleep In The House campaign, filled with incessant door scratching and hiding from me at bedtime. And it wasn't long before her bed was relocated to the corner of our bedroom. Or again, two years ago we had a rule that dogs weren't allowed on our bed. But Lucy mounted campaign Allow The Dog On The Bed. And by means of repeated disobedience, and well, gosh darn cuteness, we eventually relented, and now Lucy is allowed on our bed (as long as we are not on it, she still sleeps on the floor).

So yes, Lucy basically has us wrapped around her little finger. And now she is mounting campaign Allow Lucy On The Couch. This morning after Aubrey got breakfast she found Lucy laying on the right side of the couch. Aubrey quickly removed the offending dog with a combination of stern disciplinary words and physical encouragement. But after getting dressed Aubrey came out to find Lucy on the left side of the couch. As though she understood the infraction only to lie in the fact that she had chosen the wrong side of the couch on which to lie. Like I said, this dog is no dummy. I'm convinced she has a master plan for gaining access to the couch, and is just working her way through the necessary steps. But Aubrey and I are equally convinced that this rule is a keeper, and we will not fold. So check back in a month to see what the rules are...


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