How to have a good day on medicine...

1. Discharge 5 patients, and this on a day after you discharged 7 on the day before, leaving you with a very nice looking (read: short) list.

2. Enjoy a nice walk to the nursing home in the rain. (I'm not sure why I've never walked to the Nursing home before - it's not that far. I'm also uncertain as to why the first time I did it was raining. All I know is that when I looked outside at the gray, drizzly day, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy some quality time outside.)

3. Have your husband come and visit you for lunch, and be able to play foosball and pingpong afterwards with him. Get to laugh and talk with him like you haven't done since you've been on medicine, when pretty much all you've done is work and sleep.

4. Have a relatively quiet day call (so far).

5. Look forward to your weekend off, when you might actually get out of town, and maybe even get to visit some old friends and family in Charleston!


Alecia W. said…
Are you going to Redeemer on Sunday? We'd love to see you!!!
Aubrey said…
Jeff is feeling a little under the weather, so we may just hang out here, but I'm hoping we'll be there!
Gray said…
Oh, I hope you can come to Charleston! How fun to see you both!!
Elise said…
Are you coming to town this weekend?

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