Flu is here to stay.

I suppose you'd have to be living in a hole for the last 4 or 5 months not to have heard about this year's flu strain. I refuse to call it "swine flu" because that sounds more sinister, confuses people, and makes them worry they can get it from eating pork.

I saw at least 6 people in clinic today who most likely have it. In kids, it seems to mostly be causing bad colds with high fevers. Adults tend to have more GI upset, vomiting and diarrhea.

My advice: if you are otherwise healthy, don't come to the doctor, and definitely, DEFINITELY don't come to the ER. This includes children. Yes, you will feel horrible. Yes, you should stay home from school or work until you've had no fever for 24 hours. Most people get over it in 3-4 days. The medicine doesn't really help that much, (you feel better maybe 8 hours sooner) and costs like $100. Motrin is great for fever and headaches. If you have chronic health problems, like diabetes or lung disease, then you should come in, just because these are the people more likely to get worse complications.

My other advice: GET YOUR FLU SHOT! Regular flu shots should be ready soon; go ahead and get them. The H1N1 vaccine likely won't be ready until October (probably too late to do me any good) but you can get that one then.

My other, other advice: WASH YOUR HANDS! especially when you are around anyone who is sick.


Anonymous said…
Thanks Aubrey, the flu shot for sure yet I'm still sure about the H1N1 shot for our family. what are you thoughts on this short video, kind of fits some of the conversations I have been having.


Sarah said…
Aubrey, I just read your comment on my blog from my "Things I don't like to admit" post...I feel privileged to be the bearer of your longest comment ever on a blog!

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