Creation - 2 parts

1. Jeff and I walk almost every day, usually 1 lap around the neighborhood, mostly for the benefit of our dog. In the summer, though, I especially enjoy them. Around dusk in the summer, we gets lots of bats flying in our neighborhood. I am not sure why I enjoy watching them so much. Bats are, after all, disease-infested and slightly cringe-inducing, because they seem like, and basically are, a flying rodent.

Nonetheless, I always smile as I watch them swoop and dart back and forth over our heads.

2. It's been super hot and humid lately, which is not nice. The humidity, though, seems to induce these late-afternoon/evening thunderstorms, which I also find to be wonderful. We were walking the other night and I loved getting to watch the long arms of lightning shoot back and forth across big clouds. I sometimes call this type of lightning "heat lightning" but I've also called it "sheet lightning." I realized that I had at some point likely misheard what it was really called. What do you call it?


Annie said…
I've always heard "heat lightning" too. I guess it's more accurate to say cloud-to-cloud as opposed to cloud-to-ground lightning. Also, I like bats because they eat mosquitoes.

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