Hitting the gym.

Some things in medicine require more muscle than others.

For example, being an orthopedic surgeon. Lifting large limbs, breaking and resetting bones, using drills/saws/chisels - all use lots of muscle.

I'm learning that intubating people also requires a lot of muscle. You'd be surprised at just how difficult it is to lift up the jaw and hold it up while trying to put a tube in it. Plus you have to be very careful not to break any teeth. No one wants their teeth broken. Not to mention that holding a mask on a person's face with one hand and breathing for them with your other hand requires both coordination and strength.

I write all that mostly because I've noticed my bicep/tricep strength leaves something to be desired. I guess it's time to do some sort of weight-lifting.


j... said…
hey! speaking of muscle power...any suggestions for my brain power in writing my personal statement? we've (jon & i) have decided to apply for fam med residency programs here in the Pacific NW. i think i've sat in front of a blank screen 20 times in the past 2 months. i've read that the personal statment should be formal...shouldn't be formal...should show your personality...shouldn't show too much personality...gah!

Ken Shomo said…
"No one wants their teeth broken." Aubrey, I love getting a doctor's perspective on these things.

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