I don't post much about politics here. Not because I don't have opinions, but mostly because it's just not something I like to write about very much.

I know lots of people my age really like and support Obama. And certainly, he is a gifted speaker who has some interesting ideas and at least talks a good talk about wanting to change things in Washington.

So far, I'm not impressed. What really concerns me, however, is this. During the election, he talked about trying to unite pro-choice and pro-life in trying to decrease abortions. During his almost two months in office, though, none of his decisions about abortion have been moderate. Instead, he is making moves to force physicans, nurses, and other health care professionals into having to perform procedures to which they are morally opposed. As a doctor who disagrees with many of the procedures in question, I am especially worried. Will I one day have to choose between giving up the OB care that I love just so I won't have to do things I cannot, in good conscience do?

Another bill he wants to support? Read about it here. It has not yet come before Congress during this session, but certain Senators say that they will introduce it soon. And during the campaign, this is a bill about which Obama said, "The first thing I'd do as president is sign that bill." Why should my tax dollars fund something that I find so reprehensible? Why should our government pay for a procedure that is very damaging to women, not to mention the small, but important life it extinguishes?

I worry for women - for teenagers who might rush into an abortion without having to talk to their parents about it first, making a foolish decision they later regret, for those who would suffer through the horror of a partial-birth abortion, and for patients who are currently served by Catholic hospitals that might close rather than be forced to do procedures they disagree with.

I'm trying to remain hopeful, and I certainly recognize that God is sovereign, but right now, I'm very worried about the next four years.


I thought about you when I read an article about that. I'm afraid it is going to get worse. He also has overturned a moderate Bush policy on embryo-stem cell research and now our tax dollars will fund embryo destructive research-creating life to destroy it. Makes you wonder how far it'll go before Christ comes again.
j... said…
hey! thanks for the comment on my blog. and MY GOSH it is wonderful to hear someone tell me that family practice is a great field--i'm sure you know quite well that it gets a bad rap. my husband & i worry about time with family--i'd like to think it is possible :) good luck in the rest of your "pre real world" training...i'll keep your blog on my reader list ;)
The Scooper said…
We're worried too. For me, as a historian, I understand that Obama's policies, spending, and sweeping legislation are unprecedented. Lance, an economist and political junkie, is outraged and indignant at such extremism (and how much goes unreported in the media.) As Christians, we struggle with the balance between resting in God's sovereignty and being filled with fear. Not to mention moral outrage.

I've tried to remain hopeful. But it's hard to be. One of my favorite quotes: "Nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program."

We appreciate hearing things from a physician's perspective.

And I enjoy staying updated through your blog!
Glen said…
Good thought provoking post. Unfortunately, none of this is a surprise. Mr. Obama is simply implementing his socialist world view in more ways than one.

Here is a tough verse to think about that I read today. It applied to Israel thousands of years ago, but I think we can apply it to the U.S. today:

"And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gave you power to get wealth...if you by any means forget the Lord your God...you shall surely perish. Deut. 8:18,19

I am afraid that we have forgotten God for a long time now. We really need to pray.

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