Works for me.

I haven't posted one of these in a while, but I did actually have a good thought the other day.

I hate cutting jalapenos. I hate how the juice gets under my nails, and stays there - even after I furiously scrub my hands. I hate how if I try to take out my contacts, even hours later, my eyes are left burning.

I hate it. But I also love fresh salsa and homemade pepper jelly - so sometimes I just have to do it.

Now, you'd think I'd just bring home some gloves from work whenever I needed to cut peppers. But I don't usually think that far ahead. So what do I use instead? Plastic grocery bags. I just put my hands inside and use them sort of like gloves. I always have a big pile of them around, and when I'm finished I can use them to pick up the scraps, and then throw it all away. They're not perfect, but my hands stay pepper juice free, and my eyes are happy.

That definitely works for me.


I recently had my hubs buy me my own box of gloves to keep in the kitchen. Definitely use them for dicing jalepenos and other peppers. But in a pinch, plastic grocery bags would work. Good tip.

And you know, I even take the plastic bags at the grocery store and turn them inside out over my hand to pick the peppers up when purchasing.

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