It was wonderful seeing Melanie and the boys this weekend. Caleb is just getting huge! And so smiley, at least when he's not tired. When we first got there Friday night, he was feeling very tired, and Jeff greeted him with a friendly kiss on the head, which caused his sweet face to melt and big, gigantic crocodile tears to come out. But Saturday morning was a new day, filled with lots of laughs and giggles.

Sam continues to be a big talker. And a big lover of all things round and/or mechanical.

We talked for a long time about the gears that turn the paddles on this contraption my mom has. And I threw a lot of rocks into the lake.

I love being an aunt.


Melanie said…
Good thing you like it ... I'm pretty sure there are a couple boys who love being your nephews! Great to see you guys. Thanks for making the trip to visit, and for filling your blog with pictures of our boys!

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