Etsy goodness.

Since there is no where to shop here in Greenwood, I occasionally like to "window" shop on etsy - dreaming of the cool things I could buy. But I have a much harder time actually buying things from etsy - they tend to be more expensive (although much better made) and since I can't try things on or pick them up, our bank account remains safe.

Here are some things I found recently - maybe some of you all like to "window" shop as well?

How cute is this handmade necktie?? I have never before thought about sewing neckties, but I might have to start now.

I'm not a big jewelry person, but this ring is just lovely. As are the matching earrings.

We got Sam something similar to this for Christmas - it satisfies both his desire to stack, his love of cars, and it's a puzzle!

This is a beautiful dress. If only I had an extra $200 to spend on a dress and a place to wear it.

Here is a cute cake topper.

Lots more great earrrings.

Anyone else have any good etsy links?


Annie said…
I ordered my sister-in-law one of these aprons for Christmas and she loves it. If my link doesn't work the store name is "GreatGoods" I love Etsy, too!
I love etsy too! I'm actually going to soon be selling on Etsy. Mark and I are going to use most of the profits toward our adoption fund.

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