Works for Me Wednesday

For the longest time, I had a hard time figuring out with what I could decorate my front door. I live in a duplex, and it is nice to have something to greet people as they come in besides the black and dusty door on my front porch. I had this one lonely wintery decoration, but that was it. And unfortunately, my snowman/snowflake themed welcome sign (which I like a lot) can't exactly stay up all year. Especially in charleston, where I have seen neither a snowflake nor a snowman. I also can't go out and spend a lot of money buying things for every different season. Last fall or so, I decided to solve my problem. I found an empty lot that had a bunch of grape vines growing in it. (At least I think it was grape vines, although I never actually saw any grapes, as it was fall.) Down here in the south, these vines grow everywhere, in many empty lots and wooded areas. I created a wreath out of the vines. Anyone can make a wreath out of these vines. Just wind a circle out of vine a little larger than the size wreath you want, and then just continue winding vines around the circle you made. Obviously, a store bought wreath would work just as well.

Each season change or so this year, I have gone to walmart and bought fairly cheap fake flowers, greenery, ribbon, or any combination of these. I'll cut apart the flowers and leaves and then stick them into the wreath. Since it isn't woven together too tightly, that usually isn't too hard, or I also got some florist wire and can tie things to the wreath if I need. And now that I have a fairly wide variety of flowers, I won't need to keep buying things. I simply need to go into my closet and pull out what I did last year and put it all together. This way, I can get some variety in my decorations without too much expense. Since I'm a med student, it also sort of satisfies the creative bug I have that doesn't get used as much as I'd like. For your viewing pleasure I have included two photos of two different designs that I have done, one from Christmas and the other I just put up this week.

For the christmas wreath I just used some of the cuttings from our Christmas tree that we had to make to get it into the stand.

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Barb, sfo said…
That looks nice!

Now go back to those grapevines, get some LEAVES, and make some Greek stuffed grape leaves. YUM! Might as well recycle as much of the plant as possible.
Jennifer said…
That's great that you made that grapevine wreath. That's pretty crafty.
Mieneke said…
What a lovely idea! We have a stained glass window in our front door, but it would be nice for a christmas touch.
Rachel said…
Your wreaths are beautiful. This is a great idea, but I don't think I'm crafty enough to pull them off. Thanks for sharing them!
Overwhelmed! said…
Nice! Very pretty wreaths. Thanks for the tip!

I've posted a WFMW tip as well. Stop by and take a peek. :)
Kathy said…
I did the same thing using kudzu vines.
Melanie said…
Great idea. I love that you made it, instead of buying. I grew up around grape vines, so I think it is really neat. Nice way to change the look too.Thanks!
Aubrey said…
I just want to stress to everyone that IT IS NOT hard to make a wreath. It is very, very, easy. Basically, if you can make a circle out of vines, you can make a wreath. And also that it really doesn't take much skill to stick some fake flowers in it. Even if you don't think you are crafty, I suspect you are crafty enough for this. :)
Jody Van Ness said…
Aubrey - I have been enjoying your blog. The wreath reminded me of a very long ago (before Abbi was born and she's 21) 4th of July. My Mom was in town and we had a picnic and picked blackberries and grape vines. I tried to tell Mom how easy it would be for us to each make a grapevine wreath, but she insisted she is not crafty and couldn't make one. So I made two and she made a blackberry pie and Dale went out for Breyer's vanilla ice cream and then we had a feast. Also, my husband is a non-famous PCA pastor, and we agree with that famous PCA pastor your husband talked to about solo pastoring a small church instead of staff at a big one. We were at a church in small town Mississippi for 14 years and it was wonderful. We are now in southeastern PA for a year and a half, and after an adjustment to being out of the south, I see God's hand in bringing us here too. -- Jody

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