Physician, Heal Thyself.

Even though I'm not yet a full fledged physician, I have diagnosed myself with a cold, and ordered myself to bed for the day. For the first time since starting my med school rotations, I have called in sick. This probably isn't the first time I've been sick, but I guess now that I'm a fourth year, I don't feel like I need to be at the hospital come rain, come snow, or bad headcold. (I wouldn't stay home just because of bad weather, though.) Yesterday morning I woke up with a slightly sore throat and runny nose. I might have stayed home then, but I had my CPX exam yesterday. (For everyone who doesn't go to MUSC, the CPX exam is where we go and have to interview 8 fake patients and then write up their illness. It's to prepare us for this big standardized test that all med students have to take where I have to drive to Atlanta and do the same thing. Oh and in order to take it the test in atlanta, I had to pay almost $1000. You can imagine how much we all enjoy having this experience.) So I didn't feel too bad in the morning, but all day it just progressively got worse as my head just started to hurt more and more. By yesterday afternoon, It felt like I might have the flu and that my head would explode. I just laid on the couch all evening. Jeff made me eggs for dinner. This morning, I felt marginally better, (as in, my head only hurt, it didn't feel like it might blow up) but still not that great. I had to page the resident to tell him I couldn't come. Part of me still feels guilty, but then I think about how nice my 2 hr. nap was this morning after I ate a little breakfast, and remember that I wouldn't want to get anyone else sick, especially not kids who are already quite sick and in the PICU. I think a day off is just what the doctor ordered.

In other news...Jeff and I went to Magnolia's for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It was probably our most expensive date ever. But we did both get wine (which we almost never get at restaurants), an appetizer (we were extra hungry), entrees, and then dessert. (after all, our anniversary is only once a year.) Everything was delicious, though. I had their version of shrimp and grits, which also included lobster and scallops, and Jeff got this steak. I think the appetizer we got of fried green tomatoes that came on a bed of creamy grits was probably my favorite. But dessert was also quite good. (of course, it involved chocolate, so you can't really go wrong there.) For a nice, fancy dinner in Charleston, magnolia's was a good choice.


Sara said…
I haven't returned the favor because I don't know how to! I'll have to get my handsome fiance (love being able to say that!) to get on that. Because clearly you guys aren't bitter.
Sara said…
Ok, so I've figured out how to link you and you are now officially part of the Welcome to Our Life Blog....
Suzanna said…
found your blog thru Andrew and Melanie's -- well, Melanie's really (smile). found theirs through the Madis. loved reading your posts; almost makes me want to start a blog of my own. almost. in the meantime, you can read Jason's at although it has a lot of clemson stuff on it :( anyway, glad to hear you're doing well. I hope you've recovered fully from your cold!

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