Our Hero Brian

Our computer seems to be going through some troubling teenage years. Its no spring chicken any more. Gone are those blissful carefree days, when you know your computer looks up to you, and respects you, and will gladly do your bidding. No, our computer seems to be entering into a rebelious phase. Last Tuesday it locked itself in its room and wouldn't come out. Ok, well, actually it stayed here on the desk, but it just turned blue and wouldn't budge. I tried everything, I talked nicely to it, offered it gifts, I even just turned it off and let it have some space for a while. But to no avail, it was quite exasperating if you must know.

So we called our friend Brian. Brian works with computers for a living, and knows what to say to them. In fact, this was the third time this year that we've called on Brian to help us, so he's developed a bit of a relationship with the computer, and well, we think he's "earned the right to be heard." He came over Saturday afternoon, just as I was finishing up washing the car. Brian brings tools when he comes. That inspires confidence. I don't know what he would use the tools for, but its nice to know that if it came right down to it, the tools are on hand.

I sat down behind him as he went to work. Seaching this.... defragmenting that... formatting something else... sprinkling holy water on the mouse. I'm always somewhat in awe as I watch Brian work. He's like a lion tamer, cooly directing his voice towards the wild unruly computer, which just minutes before had me clenching my teeth. And slyly, but obediently, the computer slinks out of its funk and submits to his will.

Yesterday, however, was different. Sure, he calmed the computer down, talked it back from the ledge, and had it jumping through hoops, but he was still unable to finally break its will. I was worried. It looked like we might have had one of the ones that requires fasting and prayer. He said he was going to need to take it home overnight. Ok, no big deal. We packed its overnight bag, and sent it along with Brian.

I don't know what he did to it back at his place, and I'm not sure I want to ask. Perhaps he just needed to get it alone so they could really get down to business. But Brian returned the computer to us at church this morning, and its a new bird. The edgy tone in its voice is gone. It seems eager to help. The prodigal computer has come home with a new attitude. You'd never know its the same computer who just days ago was thinking of running off with our data and squandering it in a foreign land.

Tonight we slaughter the fattened bratwurst! Thanks Brian, and welcome home computer.


Melanie said…
If only you could have gone the Rampey route for laptops - when in doubt, exchange it.
Anonymous said…
it is good to have you back. Mom and I missed you.

mom said…
I think I need Brian's expertise for my computer. Does he have any Colorado trips planned? mom

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