Who knew?

Tonight I had a great ER shift. First of all, I was working in the Peds ER, which I think is much more fun that the regular ER. I had some great patients, including this incredibly nice and polite family that really was a joy to work with. And I also got to sew up my first laceration!! I have gotten to sew people up in the ER, but I haven't yet had the chance to sew up people when they come into the ER with big cuts. I did my first digital block (that means I numbed up this guy's whole toe.) For a first time it was probably ok, but I did kind of hit his bone on my way in, which he didn't seem to appreciate. It closed up quite well, and I thought it was pretty when I finished. But then my night got even better!! (I know some of you are probably thinking, how could her night get better when she had already gotten to sew someone up?? But it did.)

Jeff came and got me when my shift was over, and I walked into our apartment only to find that he had rearranged our living room! He decided he wanted a change, plus I think the small bookcase where I keep my medical school stuff was getting on his nerves since it stays a little disorganized. (He might call it messy.) He moved that into the office, and then moved our furniture around. Mom and Dad Tell had given us an old table of theirs and he put that in the living room and even hung some pictures I bought a the charleston market a few months ago. I think he could have been an interior decorator in another life. (In the most manly sense of that word, of course.) Then I went into the kitchen, which he had cleaned, and it looked so nice, and somehow different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it until he sort of pointed out to me that he had mounted more under cabinet lighting! So now our kitchen has these nice, subtle lights under all the cabinets. I didn't realize what a good asthetic sense my husband has. (Although he did pick me to be his wife.....) :)


Jeff said…
hmmm... no comment on the state of the bookshelf.

And yes, I do have a finely honed aestetic sense. But bear in mind, while installing the (very dangerous) new electrical fixtures, I used both a hammer and a phillips head screwdriver. Not only that, but I used the screwdriver on my Leatherman multi tool, which I believe doubles the manliness values of the tool.

Well, I'm off to the weight room...

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