Day 17

Here's the post that should have been up on Sunday, but wasn't.

Day: 17
Final Trip Odometer: 4,688 miles.
Books Aubrey read: All of them.
Location: Home! Back in Charleston as of Sunday evening.

Our Road Trip extraordinaire 2006 is over. It was a wonderful success. The last few days were spent in State College with Bro and Hannah and our favorite nephew Jackson. It was very restful and vacationy. Bro beat me at frisbee golf, we cruised downtown State College, and Aubrey cleaned house in a game of Scrabble. We also got to spend some time with old friends Jamie and Darcy which was fun.

Despite all the fun we are very glad to be home, and not have to do lots of driving anymore. We spent looooooooooooooots of time in the car, and we're tired of it.

Check back soon to read lessons from the road, and also check out Andrew and Melanie's new blog here.


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