Our computer is back!

Today I'm starting my two week elective called "Taking a spiritual history." In this elective, I get to see patients and just spend time talking to them about their beliefs, and whether or not those beliefs affect their health or how they would like to receive health care. I think I'm going to like it. Plus, I don't think the schedule will be bad, which is also nice. I'll get to do some rounds with the chaplain, which should also be interesting. Although I am worried that the chaplains here may be a little too "whatever you believe is fine" for me. I think I may ask our friend Chris Brown, a hospice chaplain, if I can go on some visits with him, too, since I know where he comes from theologically and trust him.

It is quite nice to have our computer back, but last night I started the long process of reinstalling various software programs that we had previously, like our camera software, my pocket pc software, etc. I do not enjoy this process. But I guess I can't really complain since our computer is actually functional, and we don't have as much crap that we don't need on there now.

Over the weekend, I got to work on a fun craft project, which I will post more about later, since some of the readers of the blog will benefit from it. It was quite fun...and I can't wait to post some photos of what I did. And I also need our good friend Peter to email some of the photos from their visit so I can post a few here. We had a great weekend last weekend with Kim, Kristin, and Pete in town. Pete lives in Mexico, so it was especially nice to see him since we don't see him often. And Kristin is about to move back to Texas, so we probably won't see her as often as we have been. :( It might just mean more time visiting her at the lake house, which would be a real shame and sacrifice to have to go there. :)


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