I love my job.

**warning to those who don't like medical stories or have light stomachs (ahem...Jeff Tell) you may not want to read further. This post contains some material which may not be suitable for those who get woozy.***

Being a fourth year so far is great. I feel like I'm actually learning how to do things that doctors do. Today, for instance, we had a very nice hispanic man come in because yesterday while on the job he shot himself with the nail gun in the knee. The nail went completely in all the way to the hub. I guess he didn't think too much of his injury yesterday so he didn't come in, he just pulled it out. (That's right. Apparently SHOOTING A NAIL ALL THE WAY INTO HIS KNEE didn't concern him too much.) So today he came in because he started having lots of pain and he couldn't really bend his knee. Amazingly, he didn't break anything. I guess he managed to aim it in such a way that it went not through any bones, but into his joint. Today it was swollen and warm to the touch, so we were concerned about infection. The Orthopedics resident decided he wanted to "tap" the joint, which involved putting a needle into the joint space and removing some fluid for analysis. The great thing about it was that HE LET ME DO IT!! I got to stick this big needle into his knee and draw back the fluid! I only had to stick him once, too. Could there be a better job??

Obviously, I love talking with patients and caring for them, but there is something exceeding enjoyable about actually getting to use my hands and do stuff. Sadly, my shift was over before I found out if they decided he needed surgery to clean out his joint.

Being a doctor will be great. Only 10 months until graduation!!


Jeff said…
I, for one, cannot think of a better job than stabbing someone in the knee, except for perhaps a job that did not involve stabbing someone in the knee.

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