Quick update.

The December Photo Project is back starting tomorrow! I'm going to do the best I can to be a little more regular about posting, even if it is only some photos.

But first, a quick little update.
1. I dusted off the sewing machine to make a few things for Naomi: a rainbow geranium dress for her birthday and a geranium tunic in some bolder colors. I really love how they turned out. She hasn't worn the rainbow dress yet, but I made it with vintage fabric I found in my Grandma's stash when we were cleaning out her house. I love that Naomi's first birthday dress will be made with fabric she bought.
2. I love several things about this photo: the first being PIGTAILS (Naomi's first!) and the second being her wearing her new tunic. I love the shorter length with leggings; it's also nice since she's still a crawler.
3. We had a great Thanksgiving with my Aunt in Northern California. The road trip up left something to be desired as we managed to turn what is supposed to be a 6 hour trip into a 10-hour one with a stop at an urgent care and pharmacy in the middle for a wheezing Naomi. She's much better now, but it is NO FUN when your kid is having a hard time breathing and you are in Stockton, CA without a clue as to where an urgent care is. Thankfully the iPhone helped us find one and we were in and out there in under an hour. 

4.I had one of the funnest LA days yet: including a trip to the fabric district, japanese curry, and boba tea. LA's fabric district is AWESOME!! There are so. many. fabric. stores. I was happy to have a friend show me around otherwise I would have gotten totally lost. I have never seen anything like it. Store after store filled with bolts and bins of fabric. My favorite part may have been a store where you can buy random pieces of mostly knit fabrics for 2.50/pound.
5. My Gamecocks just won their fifth game in a row over Clemson!


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