December 5: Proof that you can eat pizza without teeth

I have been perfecting my homemade pizza recipe lately. I make it just about weekly, tweaking things frequently to get the best pizza I can. I had been using a pizza dough recipe from the smitten kitchen cookbook, but then a few months ago she posted this no-knead recipe with a recipe for a raw tomato sauce that cooks while the pizza cooks. It's fantastic - you can start the dough the night before OR the day of, and then sauce comes together quickly after you drain the tomatoes for a while. My personal favorite toppings are caramelized onions and mushrooms with goat cheese and pesto. Jeff prefers his standard pepperoni. Naomi had pizza for the first time tonight - light tomato sauce with cheese. She managed to gum a few little slices into mush before feeding them to the dog. Judah actually also ate pizza for the first time. He's always been a bit of a picky eater but he tried some tonight and (of course) liked it.

One problem I have with the DPP is that when I bring my camera everywhere I end up with more than one shot that I love. So here's another, from this morning's post-bible study playground trip, which I feel like is a "better" photo, even though I also loved the other two.


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