December 21: Family Christmas!

Since we're heading to SC on Monday (!!!) we decided to open the presents we have here today. As you can see, Judah was a big fan of his bike. Naomi enjoyed eating a cookie and watching Judah play with her toys.


Angie Dishman said…
Bravo to you for taking a picture of yourself with the kids (or at least one!)! I have a friend whose mother recently died and they had a hard time finding photos of their mother for a slideshow. So take more of you with the kids!

Also, I missed meeting you at Peter's wedding! :) Oh well..another time, perhaps!
Aubrey said…
Angie - i have no idea if you'll get this but it would have been fun to see you, too!

I have been trying to take more pics of me with the kids for this reason. Since I'm mostly the one behind the camera I really have to make it a point to have someone else take them every now and then.

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