December 6: Movie night

In addition to our weekly Sunday morning baked oatmeal, the other weekly tradition we've started is Friday night movie night. It's been fun introducing Judah to all the Disney classics, and he loves to help Jeff make popcorn on the stovetop. I have many fond memories watching my dad make popcorn every Sunday night growing up (which we ate while we watched Star Trek) and I'm happy that Judah will hopefully have some similar memories.
Incidentally, I'd love to know what are your favorite kid-friendly movies. Our library has a decent selection, but after the rather terrible pick of Brother Bear (animism, pantheism, reincarnation, oh my!) I think I need to do a better job knowing what's in the movies ahead of time.

For more DPP, head over here!


Pam said…
I would recommend -- it's a great resource for learning more about the potentially problematic aspects of movies before you watch them with the kids.

I'm enjoying all your December photos!
MamaBear said…
Another great website is plugged in online ... there are ratings for current movies as well as lots on DVD. Tells you exactly what to expect ...
Aubrey said…
Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely be checking those out!

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