Last week I bought this skirt at Old Navy and immediately fell in love. It's super comfortable, and also very cute. It's a little more polished and dressy than the other knit skirts I have which was also a bonus. After wearing it a couple of times I started thinking about how I'd like another one and wondering when it might go on sale at ON.
My sewing bug has come back with a vengeance and after making some curtains and a big stack of baby bibs I wanted to do something a bit more challenging. As I was going through my craft stuff looking for a snap setter (to put snaps on the aforementioned bibs) I found a big length of jersey I bought a while ago and realized I could totally use it to make a skirt. I drafted a pattern from my skirt (after I realized that the front and back are not quite identical), cut it out, and sewed it up in about an hour and a half last night. (This amount of time includes the under-my-breath swearing as I tried to get my double needle to work, getting out my serger and breaking 4 needles. I'm not really sure why I broke so many needles but I'm going to have to figure that out before making anymore.) I also accidentally sewing the waistband on inside out and had to cut it out and redo it.
After it was all said and done, I'm really pleased. For the next one I'm going to make it a bit smaller and see if I can find some elastic for the waist band that is wider and closer to what is in the original. The knit I had was also thinner than the one used in the original. I love that I didn't have to buy anything to make this and now have another cute basic wardrobe staple!

When I make my next one I'll see if I can make a tutorial. 


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