Jeff's office before and after.

We finally put a few finishing touches on Jeff's office last week and so I thought I'd do a little post about it. His office is in the church building where our church meets, but we don't own the building. They were, thankfully, game to let us do a little painting in there to make it a little more office-y and a little less commercial. There are other changes I'd love to make if we owned the space (I'm looking at you, popcorn ceiling!) but the paint and fabric really went a long way into making this space look nicer. We picked out some pale gray paint and Jeff found some blue fabric he liked for the curtains. We still may add a carpet in here which would be another nice addition to soften it up a bit.

The framed map on the wall is a big vintage map I found on Ebay for a few dollars and framed with a fairly inexpensive poster frame from Joanne. If there were more money around here for things like framing, I would have loved to have this one done professionally, but I couldn't spring for the several hundred dollar price tag.

Nice, huh?
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