I might have a problem....

Naomi finally has enough hair to wear hair bows. Her little wispy bangs are even long enough that she almost needs to wear a hairbow to keep them out of her eyes. This realization launched a little hair bow making spree over the weekend and now I feel like I just. can't. stop. I bought a pack of multi-colored ribbon at Joann that was on sale and first made a bunch of ribbon hairbows. Mostly I looped and twisted the ribbon around until it looked nice and then glued it in place.
Then I checked out this tutorial. And now, for real, I just can't stop. I love these cute flowers. They look so sweet on a hair bow, and I already put one on a onesie I'm sending to some friends who had a baby and it looks adorable! These aren't as easy or quick as the ribbon clips, but the extra time is worth it. I for real want to put one on a headband for me. Am I too old to wear something like this?
Anyone have any other favorite hairbow tutorials? You can feed the obsession.


Emilie said…
love the Ric Rac flowers! I am having a bow making day with a friend on Thursday and those just went on the list.

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