A few things.

1. Go out and make these cookies. Right now. You probably already have all the ingredients - butter, sugar, cocoa, flour, vanilla, salt, and chocolate. These are my new favorite cookie and I cannot stop making them. And eating them.

2. Then go and make this salad. It's kale. And since you will also be eating delicious raw cookie dough, you can feel better since kale is healthy. What I love about this salad is that it holds up really well in the fridge so you can make it one day and eat it for lunch for several days. It's my go-to lunch now and is super delicious considering the amount of work it requires - toasting bread crumbs and nuts and simmering raisins in vinegar.

3. I've finally got in all my paperwork for my CA license and so I'm hopeful I'll be licensed in the next few weeks. I've also started the job hunt, which is totally nerve-wracking. Since my last job I didn't really have to look for, this will be a different experience, especially since I don't know any other family docs out here.

4. I am really looking forward to spending some time with my parents in a few weeks when they come out. There is a conference in San Diego so we're all going to go down there and hang out for a few days. Yay for some CA vacation.

5. I'm happy to say that after washing my new skirt in some hot water it fits perfectly. Next I'd like to find a cute knit print and make another one...

6. What is your favorite way to organize hair bows? Now that I've made so many I'm not sure how to keep track of them all.

7. Today is my dear husband's birthday! Happy birthday! I'm so glad I now have a good excuse to eat German chocolate cake.


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