We are here!

Just a quick post to let everyone know we made it. We had a few long days after we left Colorado Springs in which I discovered that all four of us in the same hotel room is a disaster. But we got to our new house safely and it is really beautiful. The neighborhood is also quite nice.
We are slowly starting to settle in. Our belongings arrived the day after we did and we are slowly emerging from the pile of boxes and packing paper.
Unpacking I realized that we had a LOT of wall space in our old house judging by the huge stack of framed photos we unpacked. I'm not sure we'll actually have places to hang everything here.The first Sunday at church went really well and our church family has been bringing us meals this week which has been fantastic. I found the Whole Foods, shopped at Trader Joe's (about 2 miles away), found the closest library branch, and even did a bit of LA freeway driving. Now that our internet is set up, hopefully there will also be a little more posting here.


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