Road Trip Update.

We have entered what I'll call "part b" of the road trip. After leaving Nashville, we stopped for a long lunch with a dear friend who used to live in Greenwood, then overnight at St. Louis with my campus minister from RUF who now lives there. It was great to catch up with him and see all his kids. Then it was just a short drive to Lawrence, KS to stay with Dave, Hannah, Jack and Ashlyn. We loved our cousin time. I have lots more photos, but on my regular camera that isn't downloaded yet. Jack and Ashlyn were especially sweet with Naomi. It was adorable.
We left Lawrence for the long drive across the amber waves of grain that span Kansas. I actually loved this leg because I got to drive by myself in my Mother-in-law's car while she road shotgun with Jeff. I answered nary a single question about tractors, road signs, or windmills the whole way. It was delightful.
About halfway to Colorado, we got word that Jeff's parent's house was being evacuated due to a forest fire that was very close to their house. We could see the huge plume of smoke a long way away. This was taken about 40 miles away.
Sadly, the news so far is not very promising, though we don't know anything for certain about their house yet. We spent the night with some family friends but were then evacuated from there when the fire changed direction. Having been born and raised in the South, I really have no category for understanding the craziness that is a forest fire.
We actually went to Focus on the family headquarters this morning so Judah could play in their play area for a while today just to get away from the 24-hr news cycle going on. He had a blast, but we could see the wind shift and push the blase closer to where we stayed. We went to the house of another church family Bill and Sue know. They are on vacation and have given us the run of the place with some church members actually bringing us meals. Pretty amazing to see the church take care of us and Jeff's parents.
Not exactly how we envisioned this leg of the trip going, but we love getting to see Jeff's parents and watching them trust the Lord through this very difficult time is encouraging.


Sue Tell said…
And what a gift for us to have Jeff and Aubrey and Judah and Naomi here!

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