A few things.

1. My iPhone is all the way upstairs so I cannot add any photos to this post. Sorry.

2. We did what I think is maybe our first real LA kind of thing tonight. The community right next to us - called Granada Hills - has food trucks in their little downtown every friday night. We went and enjoyed some mexi-terranean food (Jeff) and pork belly sliders with korean slaw (Aubrey). It was a bit too hot to stay and eat outside with the kids so we just brought it home. It was definitely fun though and there were so many different types of food it will be fun to go again.

3. I spent over 2 hours at the DMV earlier this week in an unsuccessful attempt to get a drivers license. Of course, I didn't seem to have the right papers with me. Although when I got home we decided that I did, in fact, have the right papers, but the DMV person didn't realize it. Double sigh. I'm working up the courage to go back this next week. But maybe try a different DMV a little further outside the city in hopes it will be less crowded.

4. I did succeed in getting a library card, though just barely. Since I couldn't show a CA license, I brought a piece of mail. It didn't have my whole name on it - just the last name, and the librarian almost turned me away. I'm glad he had pity on me because I think I might have cried. I had already promised Judah we could check out a new Thomas DVD and he was very, very excited about it.

5. Grocery stores here are more awesome than Greenwood. Less than a half mile away we actually have a super walmart and another nice grocery story called Ralph's, which is in the same family as Kroger. But it's nicer than the Kroger's I have been in before and a little like a Whole foods, which we also have less than a mile away. Trader Joe's is a bit further - maybe 2 or 3 miles, but it's nice to have such great options.

6. The pool we have access to is a great thing to do with Judah.

7. Naomi is becoming quite the sitter. She only occasionally topples over now; mostly if the dog tries to clean off her face. She is also scooting some and getting close to actual crawling on hands and knees. I think a mobile Naomi is going to be a bit of a struggle for Judah.

8. I am itching to sew something for our new place. We have lots more windows than in our old house, so I probably need to make some curtains. Did I mention I also live less than a half mile from a Joann fabric store? Now I just need to decide what kind of fabric I want to use....


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