Some things.

1. Yesterday, on Judah's last day of preschool, I had to do what I call the "preschool walk of shame": I was so late taking him that I couldn't go in the normal door to enter, but actually had to ring the bell at a different entrance and have someone come and let me in.

2. On a related note: Naomi has slept all night the last 3 nights! Which is why we were late. She is normally my alarm clock but she gave me some extra hours of sleep, so I'll take the preschool walk of shame for an uninterrupted night's sleep any day.

3. Greenwood has its own version of craig's list on facebook since we are not a big enough city to warrant our own Craig's list page. I have tried Craig's list before with no success here, but this facebook page is something else. We posted Jeff's desk and had 4 offers within about 20 minutes. Score for making a big of extra cash for our road trip.

4. Today has been a real winner of a day. We had a house showing at 9:30, and had to get some furniture moved out before then so my dad could take it back to his house. (Envision frantic vacuuming and throwing clothes on a five month old and three year old) Then we tried to go to the local train museum only discover they are still closed for renovation. (Even though the website says the grand reopening was in May) We came back home to discover we were locked out of the house by the showing realtor and had to find somewhere to entertain the kids for a while until our realtor could come let us in.

5. In spite of the craziness, we had a great time with my brother, SIL, and nephews. We are going to miss them a ton.


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