Colorado weather

We are continuing our journey west tomorrow. We have really had a great time here in Colorado and hanging out with Jeff's parents. Just so you have an idea about how quickly the weather here can change, here are two shots of pikes peak. I took both of them on Sunday, one on the way to church around 10am, and one on the way home, just after noon. Later in the day we could even see that snow had fallen on top of the mountain, which as a Southern girl I still find a little mind boggling.

Today we had even more unusual weather - after a fairly sunny morning, it has basically been storming and rainy all afternoon. (Afternoon thunderstorms are common, but not this much afternoon rain.) I actually wanted a sweatshirt this afternoon while we took Judah to play on a playground. But we are thankful for the cooler wet weather as it has really helped with the fire, which at last count was 75% contained. We are hoping Bill and Sue will at least be able to see their house in the next day or two to have an idea about if they had any damage and how long they might be evacuated.

We are just doing a fairly short leg tomorrow and staying in Grand Junction, CO tomorrow night. Then we get to Utah and hopefully spend some time in a national park or two.


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